Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well Friday turned out to be quite productive; all the problems had either solved or been worked around so I was able to get on with being productive again and boy did it feel good!

The weekend has been fairly photographically orientated. I spent a fair amount of Saturday processing the pictures I took last weekend on the Out Photographers’ walk around The City – actually none of them were much good. Brett and I headed out around town in the afternoon and ended up watching Hot Fuzz – excellent fun; imagine an all-action Hollywood blockbuster shoot-em-up movie set in a quaint, slightly caricatured English village… I’m surprised they didn’t nuke the vicarage before they were done!

We had a bit of a cosy evening afterwards though.

Today was more mucking about with the camera – actually more time was spent trying to make the dining room function as a studio than was spent with the camera, but what can you do? – as I followed up my recent photography course with some practice.

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