Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Final Safari

We were up at 5am again this morning for our final trip into the bush.  We did well again today with more elephant close-encounters, one of which was particularly photogenic, another of which involved a game of ‘chicken’ with a playful young bull.  There were also buffalo, pelicans, woodpeckers, eagles, monkeys and a peculiar black bee (that may have been a beetle) with diaphanous wings fracturing the sunlight into a constantly changing spectrum.

Back at camp there was a frog looking very cute, peering out  from behind the frame of the mirror in the shower.  And that wasn’t the last of it; even as we left camp for the final time, we had to chase an iguana off the road.  Our departure was further delayed by an encounter with three elephants enjoying the shade of a tree whose shadow crossed the road.  There was an amount of back-and-forth between the jeep and the one in the middle of the road before she finally stood aside and we could pass.

If we’d had the time and the money, I wouldn’t have minded doing a few more days with Kulu though.  Being (kind of) away from modern civilisation was tranquil and relaxing and watching all these creatures existing in their natural habit, lying there at night listening to the sounds of the jungle, serves to remind you that we are all part of a fabric of life, an ecosystem, and not separate from it as it is so easy to believe living in the city.

I won’t really miss the chemical toilet and having to keep the toilet paper in tupperware, but as such things go, that’s a minor issue – it did its job and didn’t smell (no bad thing in these temperatures!)  I got some stunning photographs of the wildlife and had a great time doing it.  Mark was a genial host and he has a good business going there I think.  (Amongst other things, Ping and he were talking about online marketing and he asked us all to send him our views on their website content.)  As soon as I get time, I’m going to check out Kulu Safari’s Facebook group and post a few of my own pictures too.

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