Saturday, September 19, 2009

Squeezing Up

So the end of the week felt a bit hectic as there were lots of things waiting to be done when I got back from the seminars.  Most of it is mundane management but there is one issue that is an old problem coming back to haunt me.  It’s simmering at the moment; just remains to be seen whether it boils over or fades away.  Not sure how soon I’ll know either.

Had rather hoped to spend today exploring London Open House Weekend, but in the end we used the time to empty the study out ready for Rosie to move in.  Some rationalisation was done but by and large it was mostly squeezing everything up in the other rooms.

One upside was that I found some archive CDs with some really old stuff on them.  I spent a nostalgic few minutes browsing through my old university files and chat logs of years gone by.

We gave up reorganising some time after five and spent the evening on the sofa watching Lord of the Rings and Casino Royale.


MadeInScotland said...

welcome back....such a long time getting back from Colombo it seemed.


Liam said...

Thanks... to be honest I've struggled to find the muse for a while. Not sure I've got it back yet, but I'm giving it a go.