Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trevor's Party

Well, it’s the morning after the night before, but I actually don’t feel too bad for it.

Yesterday Trevor G and his partner Kenny hosted a summer party at their lovely house in the Kent countryside. It was an entirely Chorus affair. After a fairly lazy day at home, we loaded the car with beer and bedding (for staying-over with limited guest rooms) and headed off towards Biggin Hill.

We were only about the fourth or fifth to arrive and people continued to trickle in throughout the early evening. There was a barbeque with prodigious amounts of food available and, as Trevor & Ken apparently BBQ regularly, it was all nicely cooked. Although it had rained heavily during the day, the evening was dry and temperate and it was lovely to sit out on the terrace chatting away under twinkling fairy-lights. Some time after we’d eaten our fill, Rich C and Crouch-End Johnny suggested the hot tub and so Brett and I changed into our shorts and hopped in with them. It was a spacious tub, designed to seat seven, but as the night wore on more and more people joined us. I’m not sure whether we equalled last year’s record of twelve people in there at once, but it was certainly quite cosy for a lot of the evening. As it began to get dark, Trevor brought out a number of nightlights and, once we’d found places to put them that didn’t get swamped by the swell from the tub, it added a lovely atmosphere.

Inevitably, with plenty of alcohol already consumed, shorts were eventually dispensed with and, although I didn’t notice anything “legally actionable”, I know that there was a certain amount of scandalous behaviour going on under the water; certainly at least one couple was formed for the night in there!

After having spent several delightful hours being massaged by warm waters though, we got out and dried off to have some dessert. This was shortly followed by performing the age-old Chorus party ritual of singing show tunes loudly and off-key around the piano with one’s fellow drunken choristers: A fine time was had by all involved (except for those listening!)

Poor old Gary S was throwing-up in the toilet for a while and later passed-out on the sofa – although by morning, he’d found his way back into Martin L’s arms. (I know they exchanged numbers in the morning, but sadly my intuition tells me that it isn’t a relationship that will last for long.)

Eventually though, everything began to wind-down and we eventually got to sleep around 2:30am.

This morning, I was in pretty good shape considering how merry I’d been last night. I was up before most of the house so helped myself to cereal and coffee and made some small inroads into clearing up the mess left over from the party. Around 10, Brett woke up too and once he was fully compos-mentis, we headed home from whence I went on into work to spend a tedious afternoon working on a couple of servers… (Nobody mention karma-balancing!)

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