Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Days, They Fly On And On

What a week it’s been!  I’ve had very little time off since last Tuesday.  After a busy Monday and Tuesday and a long day at work on Wednesday,  I skipped the Gay Photographers Network event and just came home and vegetated in front of the TV.  Rowan had come back from Beverley suffering from the ‘flu and so was in a bad way on the other sofa.

Thursday was quite a busy day at work, with a selection of meetings, lunch with the other Corporate Heads and a long to-do list.  In the evening though we were off to see Sir Ian McKellen and Roger Rees in Waiting For Godot at the Theatre Royal with some of Brett’s colleagues.  It was far more interesting – and funny – than the last time I saw it as a young teenager one summer at Stirling University.

Friday night we were into Soho for Andrew L’s leaving drinks.  He’s off back to the States to sort his visa, while waiting for replies to his PhD applications.  A pleasant night chatting to the usual choral suspects.

Saturday was half spent working on Ewen C’s photos from last Sunday and half writing up the Steering Committee minutes from Tuesday.  Finished the former but not the latter before we went out to see The Magnets, an acappella/beatboxing group of six guys who filled an evening at the Roundhouse with fantastic, fun, familiar music.  I regularly had to remind myself that the sound was entirely vocal; they were that good.  We were there with Guy T and Mark F from the Chorus and Rod and Jess – with whom we’d had a (somewhat rushed) dinner at Belgo Noord again.  Everyone seemed to get on well together – Mark, as a scouser, certainly has the gift of the gab.

Sunday morning was mostly spent clearing up in the flat so I could spend the afternoon doing a photoshoot with Mikey.  He needed some headshots and I’d offered him a session so that I could use the remainder of the time experimenting with new ideas and different ways of working with my kit.  Was a very successful day; as well as good headshots, I reckon we’ve got some excellent portrait pictures.  Even the stuff that didn’t work so well is useful because I now have a better idea of what to try in future.

Sunday evening was spent finishing off the Steering Committee minutes though…

Good day at work on Monday was only marred by the discovery that a former colleague had done something infantile and malicious (and possibly actionable!) on the Internet in relation to a current colleague.  It was really quite sad, as I’d thought quite highly of them until this came to light.  It’s no wonder I’m so cynical.

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