Thursday, February 04, 2010


Tuesday was tedious at work.  Also I’d cycled in for the first time in over a week and was feeling a little the worse for it.  Having another workout session with Lee S didn’t help.  Need to plan me fuel intake more carefully I think.

Had a positive piano lesson in the evening though; I still need to practice, practice, practice but I am making progress – albeit slowly.

Wednesday had a nice lunch with Owen A; lots of our traditional sparring which was quite cheery. Interesting chat with Hugh J back at the office though, seeking my input on a proposed new management structure.   These are interesting times, but in a good way.

Rosie had Jess and Ruth round for their first book club session in the evening so Brett had gone to a Democrats Abroad meeting.  I spent the evening processing Mikey’s photos from the weekend.  As expected there’s a high proportion of good shots – although his first reaction to seeing the proofs was that the proportion was low.  I suspect that seeing one’s own image in a deliberate portrait (as opposed to a random snapshot) is a lot like hearing a recording of your own voice; because you don’t hear/see yourself as others hear/see you very often, your opinion of what you should sound/look like is quite different from everyone who knows you.

The run-down feeling I had on Tuesday was still with me today.  I’m worried I may be incubating the ‘flu that Rowan had. It got quite bad this afternoon when I was worn out by a flight of stairs and started getting hot and cold flushes, so I came home early and dozed on the couch for a couple of hours.  Felt reasonable this evening so worked on more of Mikey’s pictures, but am still feeling below-par.  May take tomorrow off or at least work from home to try and get shot of whatever it is.

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