Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins – First Impressions

Last night was our first look at the new repertoire.  This season’s Chorus show is themed around the Seven Deadly Sins and it is promising to be quite exciting.  It will certainly be an interesting sing as the music is both varied and challenging; ranging from The Drinking Song from La Traviata and Verdi’s epic, apocalyptic Dies Irae, through Kander and Ebb (Money Makes The World Go Round, All I Care About Is Love) to Kylie (Confide in Me) and Lily Allan (Fuck You)!

After being in a really bad mood all day (see yesterday’s entry), the rehearsal totally turned me around.   I had been looking forward to singing the Verdi and we got our first go at it today and even at a first attempt, the section we did sent shivers down my spine.  Once we master the piece it has the potential to sound magnificent.

One of the new members Adam KS was looking a bit overwhelmed as he first flicked through the twenty-five-page score, but he very quickly got into it and was soon belting it out with the best of us!

We also got to try out the Money Song from Cabaret and the song, Carousel, which is actually quite sinister.  Both of them were more enjoyable sings than I’d expected.  I came home really energised and with the lyrics of the latter going around (and down again around and up again around!) in my head.

I’ve already downloaded the rehearsal tracks to the iPod.  That’s the first time I’ve bothered with them for several seasons, so I reckon I’m feeling pretty inspired.  Let’s hope it lives up to expectations.

Piano lesson this evening also went really well.  I’d managed to get some practice in this week and it showed.  Now got to keep it up!

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Brett said...

Remember, we don't belt anymore - never louder than lovely!