Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekend

Saturday was a mostly domestic day, with shopping bought, dishes washed and laundry done.  I also picked up a copy of Attitude as I’d been tipped off that the BBC Weatherman, Tomasz Schafernaker, looked better than the average meteorologist in a pair of AussieBums on the cover.  And indeed he did.

Coincidently on the front cover was Gareth Thomas whom, if I hadn’t seen him on the cover, I probably would not have recognised when we ran into him at Mike T’s 60th birthday party later that evening!  We didn’t really get to chat to him as he was being monopolised by a couple of Welsh bears, but I did get to shake his hand and congratulate him on coming out.

The party was held in the upstairs room of a pub just off Tower Bridge.  As ‘upstairs rooms of a pub’ go, it was pretty classy.  It looked like it might serve as a smart restaurant during lunchtimes.  There were the usual Chorus suspects plus a selection of Mike’s bearish friends.  Both the food and the atmosphere was good and both Brett and I had a good time.

We went on and partied for a couple of hours afterwards too, so didn’t get to bed until gone 3am.

Sunday was consequently a slow start.

We’d been invited to Luther G’s farewell lunch in East Dulwich.  As a way of bookending his stay, he was having his final UK lunch in the same restaurant where he’d had his first, so we had a curry buffet for Sunday Lunch.

The crowd was a small, but eclectic mix of Chorus bodies (Steven T, Sacha K, Gabriel C and ourselves) with his cousin and wife, a guy from Brighton (who’s name escapes me) and a lovely Australian chap called Glen.   After lunch most of us went on to Caffé Nero for coffee and more conversation before eventually saying our final farewells to Luther and departing.  Brett and I had decided to walk it home as it was only two miles, so we had a bracing walk and made it in about an hour.

Sunday evening was my designated organising time.  It seems that now that Christmas is over, everyone’s having parties and organising events.  Added to that there are a number of promising shows we want to see, it all adds up to being almost non-stop socialites for the next month or so.

I got a lot of it done but unfortunately Mikey’s pathological reluctance to open his diary and organise himself meant I couldn’t finalise a couple of the things.  As a result I went to bed irritated on a bit of a slow boil, inevitably didn’t sleep well and was in an even worse mood when I woke up.

Work sucked.

The only redeeming feature was lunch with Ping who is recently back from an interesting-sounding trip to the States.

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