Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week One

The first week of the year was all about bad weather.  Work started quietly but picked up as the week went on.  Midweek there was more snow and a cold snap.  The trains were trashed.  On Thursday they weren’t even keeping to the reduced timetable and I gave up and worked from home.  Friday, I cycled in and it was a dream; the roads were all clear.

Tuesday night we had a bit of a rude awakening; a little after 1am the shelves in the bedroom came off the wall and dumped their contents all over the floor.  We woke up thinking the world was ending!

There wasn’t a lot we were going to be able to do in our dressing gowns at that time of the morning, so we pretty much just went back to bed.  The adrenaline of the wake-up though meant I didn’t get back to sleep until around 4:30…

Friday evening was Tim R’s leaving drinks at work.  I didn’t get much time talking to him, but he was fine with coming into town for lunch from time to time.  Also had an interesting chat with Chris G.  Normally he’s really quiet and retiring but somehow we got onto existentialism and ended up discussing solipsism.  It was quite bizarre, but also really enjoyable.  I should organise lunch with him too and do some more philosophy.

Saturday I’d organised a photoshoot with a guy from OutEverywhere so the morning was spent tidying up.  The shoot went well enough, although I’m feeling a bit constrained by just working with the paper background and lights; maybe should use  more furniture or other parts of the flat.  Maybe look at renting studio space.

In the evening we were heading to Chris and Joffrey D’s post-Christmas party.  Were due to meet Mikey at Kings Cross for food and a catch-up beforehand, but he got held up on the tube by someone going under a train so in the end we were at the party ahead of him.

We’d been following Joffrey’s Facebook status updates all week as he prepared for the party and he’d certainly done a fantastic job of turning their apartment into a party space.  It was a good mix of people – not an entirely chorus affair! – and we both had a good time.

Jim N (one of my ex-boyfriends from university) was there as we have a mutual friend in Chris, so we had a brief catch-up and will get together for a beer at a later date.  Had a good catch-up with Mikey when he arrived, although we still managed to not cover half the things we should catch up on.  Mark A was on the prowl during the evening and there were plenty of good looking boys for him to choose from, but he ended up not having the confidence to introduce himself to anyone.  Had an interesting time chatting to Simon R later on.

There was talk of going on somewhere afterwards, but in the end we just night-bussed home.

Today was a lazy day.  Did the processing from yesterday’s shoot this afternoon.  Ruth came round this evening to watch the rest of the first series of Glee.

Got to be in work early tomorrow, got the SharePoint consultants coming back for another go.  Also got the chorus’ new intake in the evening.  No rest for the wicked!

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