Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Made It Through the Rain

Tolerable day at work. The learning curve of some aspects remains steep.

Brett called me up late afternoon though; he was going to a marketing meeting for Various Voices and wondered if I wanted to come along and have a dinner out with him afterwards. I wasn’t feeling muchly sociable, but the meeting was in a pub so I figured I could sit quietly and read during the meeting and then head out with my man afterwards.

After leaving work roughly on time I walked up through Soho to find the place. The weather has been poor these last few days, with sunshine and showers alternating every few minutes, but today was just unresolved grey wetness. The air is pregnant with moisture and a fine mist blows on the wind, so it’s hard to tell sometimes whether carrying your umbrella is helping keep you dry at all.

I had trouble finding the bar where the meeting was being held and, given my already fairly tired and grumpy mindset, was pretty miserable by the time I got there. It was quieter than I’d hoped, so there wasn’t really any hope of me sitting inconspicuously in a corner and reading. Instead I was introduced to the lady leading the meeting (the only other people there when I arrived were Brett and German Martin B from the Chorus, although others arrived about an hour later) and I sat down and started quaffing the proffered red wine.

Actually the red wine was a bad idea; I had had an early lunch and no dinner and, despite snacking on some humus and pitta bread, the wine settled into my bones so I was feeble and sleepy throughout the rest of the evening and spent a fair portion of it dozing against Brett (which the other attendees claimed to find adorable…)

A curious coincidence though; a little way into the evening John Mc turned up at the bar with his friend Richard for dinner. It’s a small gay world.

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