Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Journey

Holiday mode kicked-in as we were sitting on the car park courtesy bus. We’d arrived exactly on schedule and as we waited to be bussed to our terminal, my body finally gave in, started manufacturing endorphins again and I relaxed.

From there on in the trip was a breeze; we met up with the guys, checked-in (securing exit seats with lots of legroom), had an enjoyable flight (lots of chatting, some singing (uh-oh!)) and got to the hotel in good time. Our room is as expected and as far as I can tell is away from noise (bars, roads, service-areas) so it’s good. The hotel even has free wi-fi – although the signal doesn’t quite reach our room, so I’m going to have to lurk in the lobby to upload this post.

I’m taking lots of photos and, while it has it’s drawbacks, the little Canon point-and-shoot I brought is still able to take some good candid shots of the boys at play.

Highlight of the day: Sitting on the plane, sipping my second gin-and-tonic, resisting the urge to read, blog, listen to music, etc. in favour of just sitting there and enjoying having nothing to do and so, doing nothing.

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