Friday, July 11, 2008


I had a fairly therapeutic day at work today; things were quiet enough that I spent most of the day organising and managed to spend pretty much the whole afternoon clearing and tidying my desk. I feel I’ve left everything in order and under control and hopefully won’t have any nasty surprises waiting for me when I get back. It’s a good feeling to be going away on!

I ran into Damian F this afternoon; he got back from the Antipodes last night and had snuck in to organise his own desk in advance of his official return on Monday. We chatted a while but he had a fixed smile on his face throughout, and I had visions of him greeting an endless line of well-wishers that he really didn’t want to face, so I left him alone shortly, feeling like I’d intruded.

This evening was getting ourselves sorted for Spain; we leave for Barcelona tomorrow and are spending a week on the Catalan coast. Actually, so far we’re just doing a bit of ironing; we’re not due at LHR until 4pm tomorrow, so most of the actual packing is being put off…

I am really looking forward to it. Chorus trips are usually great social events. As well as the four shows the boys are singing for, we have two whole days and various half-days at leisure to do what we want. I’m going to photograph stuff – some of which will be the Chorus at work and play, but some of which will be for me: It’s a while since I’ve indulged my muse.

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