Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chris' 40th and Batman

It’s been a sticky weekend. The flat seems to be a heat trap. It will be a bonus in the winter when it’s cold, but now it just means the house is stiflingly hot all day long.

Yesterday we slept late and did house stuff; still trying to organise all the square-pegs into round holes. In the evening we had been invited to Chris P’s 40th birthday party, so we went in to the City early to catch some dinner at Smiths of Smithfield. We ate in their top floor restaurant and had an excellent meal. I had probably the tenderest steak I’ve ever eaten; truly delicious. The bill was a stupendous £150 for the two of us though, so it’s not something we’ll do too often – although we rationalised it a bit because we hadn’t done nearly as much top table dining in Spain as we have in previous years at Sitges.

Chris’ bash was very pleasant as we spent the evening outdoors. Admittedly it was mostly chatting with people with whom we’d spent last week, but there were also a few faces we hadn’t seen in a while; Stuart B, Marc D & Roddy, Russell E, Paul L & Martin K were all there too which added to the enjoyment.

Today I spent sorting out the photographs from the Spain trip; putting the last tranche on Facebook and uploading the lot of them to a collection on Flickr. This evening we went into Beckenham for (unremarkable) Tex-Mex at Dos Amigos before going to see the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

The cinema was stifling hot; no air conditioning and pretty much no ventilation. It was like watching a movie in a sauna. The movie was too long and had too many villains in it; the Joker would have been big enough and kept the movie to time. Adding Two-Face just dragged it out when really it didn’t need it. I have to say also that some of the stunts/plot devices the Joker pulled were just too implausible for me. [Spoilers follow!] Wiring a hospital for complete demolition in the space of sixty minutes whilst avoiding notice with a face like that? Yeah, right! And the business with the ferries at the end; all those barrels and detonators – and nobody noticed? And such an immaculate moral dilemma to go with it! If you haven’t seen it, wait for the DVD.

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