Friday, December 05, 2008

I Won't Send Roses

Am I up to it, do you think?

For someone who claims to be so busy, to start blogging again in the run-up to Christmas – one of the busiest times of my year – seems to be hoping for a little much. But then, I was surfing past entries this afternoon, reliving past glories and thinking how much of it you forget unless you write it down; those inter-neuronal links atrophy if they’re not fired once in a while.

Today at work continued the recent trend of me being uninspired and struggling to focus. Stuff happened; nothing exciting. Came home early as we had tickets to see Mack & Mabel at the Broadway Theatre this evening.

The show was up to the usual high standards of The Broadway, although with a somewhat sub-par band; good cast though, excellent production, excellent singing and choreography. I’m sorry we saw it so close to the end of its run as I’d probably have seen it again for the cost of the tickets.

Tomorrow is John W & Rich C’s Civil Partnership, so we’re spending the day in Bexley. Judging by the pre-event literature I think the event has been planned to the nth degree. If it goes according to plan it will be a fantastic day. I just hope the grooms are chilled enough to brush off anything going wrong!

Anyway, I’ve been roped-in to video the ceremony for them. I’m assured they’re not expecting professional output, just a record of events, which is good, since I’ll be working with a single camera and almost no chance to case the joint before the ceremony starts. (John described it as a conveyor belt at the registry office.) After the ceremony though I’m reverting to my preferred medium and just carrying my Nikon around.

Then Sunday all the old Chorus hacks have been invited around to Trevor G’s place for a winter party. Trevor always hosts a good party – although I’m not so sure the hot tub will be so popular at this time of year!

On the whole it should be a good weekend. Long may it last!

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