Sunday, December 21, 2008

For Christmas Sake (Part Two)

And suddenly it’s all over. The LGMC Christmas season is done with for another year and I can get on with my life. Despite Friday night’s blues, I feel fine about it today; somehow the extra two shows were enough and I feel that I’ve had a good return on the investment of time and energy in the rehearsal process.

Can’t be arsed to give a blow-by-blow critique of another two shows, so I’ll just mention the high points. At the matinee on Saturday, I had been expecting John G from work (and he’d brought along his friend Glen which was nice) but also in the crowd was Mauricio S (former work colleague) who I’d invited in a bulk Facebook message ages ago. I really hadn’t expected him to be there so it was a very pleasant surprise. He’s a lovely guy and it was great to see him again. Saturday night we finally did a reasonably moving rendition of Silent Night and David G had put a couple of slits in the back of his already very skimpy shorts for the finale dance number, just so you were in no doubt that he was going commando!

John Mc & Richard T were along too with various parents although we missed them after the show, they both messaged me later through various media to congratulate us. The parents and Rosie were there too, as was Ping. We had a few drinks at Cadogan Hall, then Brett & I adjourned to the (rather crowded!) Queen’s Head for more aftershow mutual-appreciation with the rest of the boys.

This morning we slept late before driving to Greenwich for brunch with Rosie & the parents, then a wander around Greenwich market. Headed home for a quiet afternoon, mostly spent uploading photos & videos of the last week’s activities to Facebook.

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