Thursday, December 18, 2008

Groundhog Day at Selfridges

Had a good day yesterday; started out feeling a bit rough (I keep getting
the 'first onset of a cold' symptoms, but so far nothing has taken hold) but
that cleared up by the time I got to Selfridges.

The gigs today were pretty much the same as yesterday except that in the
later ones we had a larger, more balanced group (more than one Tenor 1 was a
result!) and we included the a cappella Have Yourself a Merry Little
Christmas. I came away from it feeling good - which was fortunate because,
as soon as the final set finished, we went by taxi straight to the final
full-run of the main show.

That was not as much of a trial as I'd thought it would be, although I was
pretty much a zombie on automatic pilot by the end. Brett is worried about
his voice, he was struggling to sing towards the end at Selfridges and he
may duck out of today in order to save his voice for the main shows. My
voice seems to be fine (so far). I've been very careful not to over sing
and have taken full advantage of the microphone to do the work for me.

So today is like Groundhog Day for me; I get up and do almost exactly the
same thing as yesterday; up early to do a few hours at work and then off to
Selfridges to sing the same set another five times. Tonight though is a
change to yesterday; it's the Company Christmas Party... at which I won't be
touching the alcohol at all, so that should make for an 'interesting'
evening. I imagine we're unlikely to stay late either as Friday and
Saturday are going to be exhausting.

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