Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Microsoft Jobs-Worths!

Monday didn’t turn out to be the disaster I’d feared. Rob had managed to get the email database restored to the point of last Monday evening’s backup, so only messages sent and received between then and when it failed on Tuesday were missing. In theory, because our email system is transaction-based, we should have been able to just replay the logs from that period and, hey presto!, everything would be back to how it was the moment before it failed.

Unfortunately theory and practice are two different things; the system was refusing to read the logs into the database. Microsoft were being “jobs-worth” about the whole thing, refusing point-blank to support us because we were running the system on a (industry-standard, but non-Microsoft) virtual server platform. In the end we had to make do with that and Gavin and I spent the day recovering the missing mail from our seperate message archive; a very repetitive and laborious process, but at least we got it done and things are working again now.

Apart from that the day was very quiet; most people aren’t working this week, so I did a bit of paperwork and spent the rest of my time contemplating biking holidays.

Spent the evening on the sofa watching TV and reading after a lovely lamb steak which Brett magically had ready for me the moment I walked through the door. The man’s a domestic goddess! ;o)

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