Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas - Past.

Another late start and then fairly sharply on the train to town with the bikes. Had to drop them into Evans for a service. After that Brett went off to the gym and I headed off around town with my camera.

It was supposed to be a day of relaxation but a conversation with Rob S on the train left me with a lot to worry about; the mail server problem which started last Tuesday had still not been resolved and people will be back at work tomorrow. Gavin W was going straight to voicemail, so I assumed he wasn’t back in the country yet. I left him a message to call me... and that was about all I could do. I left Rob working on it.

I spent the afternoon strolling around the West End and the riverside snapping away with the Nikon. I was mostly just experimenting with the graduated filters I’d bought for bringing out texture in the sky and I got some half-decent pictures out of it.

Around five, I headed back to The Cut and picked up the bike, a book of rides around London and some waterproof overshoes (when commuting there’s nothing worse than waterlogged shoes that don’t dry out before home time!)

Train home, more positive call from Rob (some hope for tomorrow, then!), ambivalent evening on the sofa. Back to work tomorrow - and it's showing in my mood. Bah!

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