Friday, December 26, 2008

Hansel & Gretel at Stratford East

An unpressured day, but got more stuff done than yesterday. The morning was lazy, then Rosie headed off to watch a movie with Ruth & Chris. We declined as there was cleaning up to be done and I wanted to give my bike a once over to see what it needed doing. The cables need replacing but the chain and gearset were all in good order. I’ll see if Evans have a servicing slot open tomorrow before the rush starts in the New Year.

This evening we were in Stratford for Hansel & Gretel; a trip organised by Ruth. It was billed as a modern pantomime so I’d been expecting it to be set on a Council Estate or somesuch. Turns out it was a very traditional style, but a lot of the underlying messages were for the children of today. It was well acted and sung and a very impressive production; the witch’s forest was made out of fabric socks which allowed lots of flexibility in staging as they stretched as the stage rotated. They even flew the witch’s house up one to reveal Hansel trapped in its root system; excellent stagecraft!

Had dinner with everyone at the local Pizza Express afterwards. Ruth was her usual self but Chris was very withdrawn. He claimed he was just tired but it didn’t rang true. Wasn’t in a position to really probe too deeply though; I hope he’s alright.

Lots to do tomorrow; got La Cage aux Folles in the afternoon and we’re meeting Rosie to do the Portrait Gallery again beforehand. More bike maintenance if I get my act together too.

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