Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Discussion of Voltaire in n-Space Geometry

For once, yesterday was an interesting day at work. I talked to our license suppliers first thing about our Microsoft agreement, which is coming up for renewal. In the afternoon I spent a while with some guys from Boston whose function we are in the process of acquiring. It’s the first time I’ve overseen a merger of one company into another so there are new challenges to be had out of the experience.

The evening was another Chorus rehearsal; the Dress Rehearsal with the band this time. All went fairly smoothly but again highlighted areas where I need work. Today is the first day of Selfridges gigs. I haven’t actually been called to sing but, since I’ve already organised the time off work, I’m going along anyway as a standby. I can productively use the time to both brush up on my music and do a bit of blue-sky thinking for the strategy document I’m supposed to be preparing at work.

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