Thursday, January 01, 2009


So here we are; 2009.

I’m not really inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions as these days the term seems to be a euphemism for ‘Never Going To Succeed’ in most peoples’ minds! The resolutions to do more with my photography and more cycling were made before the New Year anyway, so they don’t count. Looking back on last year’s January 1st entry, I was too preoccupied with being in Las Vegas to think much about plans for the year ahead, so there’s nothing to judge me on for last year either.

The year 2008 hasn’t been that bad to us really. We have finally bought a place of our own, so we now have a stable base for the foreseeable future. For all that the year saw a number of my friends departing the UK, I have met new friends and become closer to some I already knew, so I guess it balances out.

As for what 2009 will bring us, well I think I am quietly optimistic. The economy is in a bit of a state – and those in the know say it will get worse still – but so far we haven’t been severely affected and I’m hoping that remains true. Barack Obama as President of the USA sounds like its enough happiness for a lot of people – and following George Bush he doesn’t have to try hard to be wonderful in comparison – but he’s got a heck of a job on his hands clearing up the messes he’ll inherit, so I’m not expecting world peace and the brotherhood of man any time soon. I have no clue what’s the best way forward politically in Britain; if an election were called tomorrow it would be a vote for the lesser-of-three-evils!

Socially this year, I’m enjoying singing with the Chorus again and looking forward to Various Voices in May and then our trip to Helsinki in June. I have my fortieth birthday coming up in a few months, so there will probably be some kind of reunion party for all my old friends. I am SO looking forward to our trip to Sri Lanka in March; it’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere exotic and new. (I wonder if we can sneak in an autumn break as well, maybe a whistle-stop tour of Egypt…? Probably hoping for a bit much really.)

Qué sera, será!

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