Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reality Bites Once More

The thing I forgot to note yesterday of course, was that I cycled into work for the first time in over a year. Despite a bitterly cold headwind driving sleet in my face, it was actually a fairly unremarkable ride – maybe I’m not as out of condition as I suspected. As I was out drinking last night, I rode home for the first time tonight. The climb out of New Cross was a bit more of a push than I’d expected but again, it was really quite straightforward. Probably one of the nicest things about the ride was that, unlike Wimbledon and Grove Park, living in Catford now means that there isn’t a hill up to our front door. Once I’m down Loampit Hill, it’s a flat ride for the last mile; absolutely what you want after a long day at the end of your ride home!

The pace at work really picked up today though; lots of stuff coming into my inbox and projects that had been in hiatus coming back to life. I think this is going to be a long week. The new North American Office was today’s headline; I finally got to talk to the IT Director of the company we are buying the function off and he confirmed what I’d expected regarding the transitional arrangements – which was all quite contrary to what we’d been hearing through the executive management channel. As it wasn’t wholly unexpected though, we were able to move fairly quickly to cope.

Now I need to go to bed and hopefully get a good night’s sleep (for some reason I woke up abruptly around 3:30 this morning and then couldn’t get back to sleep!)

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