Friday, January 02, 2009

The Day That (Felt Like It) Never Ended

A bit of a ‘stop-go’ day today. The office was very quiet as most people had taken the day off. Having idled away the morning, I had a meeting with Tim R (Operations Director at work) before lunch. We were doing some long-term thinking for IT and he asked a couple of questions that really kick-started some new thought processes. It was a long but productive meeting and helped round-out my thinking on the subject. As a result, I’m going to be inviting our crop of recent graduates out to lunch next week to see what ‘Generation Y’ makes of it all and probably reframing our relationship with Latin America.

After that though, things tailed off substantially. The remains of the day consisted of waiting for a phone call from a guy in Boston that never happened, and exchanging increasingly less intelligible emails with an IT contractor in Mexico who’s helping set up our new office there. In the end I asked him to repeat his last message in Spanish in the hope that I’d be able to fathom what he meant with my (rather rusty!) understanding of the language and a little help from BabelFish.

When I couldn’t take it any more, I came home, ate some lovely spag-bol courtesy of Brett, watched a bit of the opening of Celebrity Big Brother, got bored of Celebrity Big Brother and then started preparing the bathroom to be painted tomorrow morning.

Decorating? Blah! Is this the high-life one leads when you own your own place??

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