Thursday, January 22, 2009

Budgets and Role Models

In my diary at work, I have designated this as “Budget Week”. I’ve been doing the job for two years now and this is the first time I’ve really got down and dirty with my budget. Last year I was too busy with project work and left it mostly to the Finance department. Turns out that was a bad idea as they missed off a lot of overheads that we couldn’t avoid spending on and, as a result I am currently considerably over-budget.

That isn’t going to happen next year, so I’ve been getting into the detail of it. It’s proving an interesting task as I’m having to look at what’s been charged to each code on this year’s budget to make sure I’m aware of everything that’s been spent in my name. There’s a lot of stuff that can be tidied up, but looking at my work to date I don’t expect I’m going to be able to bring it in at the 'x'-percent-less figure I’ve been asked for…

So that’s what I’ve been doing this week – and today was a particularly intense day of it. I gave up around 4pm, feeling totally exhausted and came home early. Brett and I ate an early dinner and then headed out to the cinema on a whim. We managed to miss Slumdog Millionaire again (I suspect this is a movie we are not fated to see!) and opted for Role Models instead which turned out to be quite entertaining; the premise was formulaic enough; a buddy movie about two guys who become friends to troubled children as community service to avoid jail and in the process help the kids and discover meaning in life despite themselves. Nevetheless it was really rather well done and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

In other news, we’re getting closer to the Sri Lanka trip so we’re going to sit down and do some serious Itinerary thinking this weekend. Got offered free accommodation for a long weekend in Andalucia by Rosie (who is using some of the parents’ holiday club points for a break) but decided to skip it as the flights weren’t as cheap as we’d hoped.

Lunched with Owen yesterday which was nice. We had skipped the last couple because of our various work commitments so we hadn’t seen each other since well before Christmas and there was lots of catching up to do. As an Ex-become-friend, he’s easy to talk to and doesn’t judge me in any way; a good counsellor when I need it… and all for the cost of a Subway and a Starbucks!

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