Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictures at an Exhibition

I wonder sometimes whether it’s a wise policy to blog late at night. Is it just fatigue making me overly effusive or is it really my subconscious sneaking out to tell you things I would otherwise hold inside me?

Well whatever the depression was last night, I seemed to mostly pull myself out of it today. Activity was the key; I realised I hadn’t done anything with the photography for a while, so I dug out my lights and backdrop and ran off some shots on Brett which worked out quite well – although looking back on the final selection, he has the same smile in most of them, so I might go back and pick a few different ones. I also lined up the shoot I’d promised Rowan recently and set the date for next Saturday. Next I need to line up a few more.

Jess has given my details to a colleague of hers who needs some publicity shots for a play he's doing. It all makes work for the working man to do - and that's what I need right now; photography work!

Not a lot to show for an entire day but it felt productive, plus got lots of household stuff done. Let’s see how tomorrow turns out…

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