Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ring Out The Old Year, Ring In The New!

Haven’t written much over the last couple of days because there hasn’t been a lot to say; Work has been quiet, I’ve mostly been pulling together information for our new Boston Office and pushing ideas around on bits of paper for the strategy paper I’m writing. Evenings have been quiet, sofa-based things.

Actually that hasn’t been a problem because I’ve been fighting a cold most of the week, so watching the New Year arrive on TV worked out just fine. We watched television and surfed through most of the evening, watched Big Ben and the fireworks on the Thames at midnight, toasted the New Year with a good single-malt and then sent felicitous text messages to our nearest and dearest before turning-in around 12:30.

Today we’ve had a lie-in are planning to head out for a bike ride and then have Rod & Jess over for dinner. They’re coming over to organise a holiday to walk Hadrian’s Wall from end to end, something we expressed interest in when we discussed it briefly over dinner with them before Christmas. My only concern is that I can’t remember what dates they mentioned and suspect it may have been Easter – for which I have just recently pitched a cycling holiday idea at some other friends!

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