Friday, January 30, 2009

Work Sucks. Social Life Mitigates.

Wednesday was another tedious day at work. In the evening I was along at the Gay Photographers’ Network – at a new spot near Vauxhall, just fifteen minutes walk from work. It’s a lovely venue; an LGBT community centre with a café on the ground floor and lots of brightly-lit space downstairs. The group’s organiser Dave had brought his home studio kit along and set it up downstairs and persuaded one of the centre owners to model for us. The idea was for everyone to have a go using the flash units and working with a model but less than half of the group took advantage of the opportunity.

The owner/model was a well-built chap called Max who needed no encouragement to get his shirt off and spontaneously shucked his trousers too a few minutes later, so he did most of the evening in a very loud pair of snug boxer briefs. Judging by his posing I suspect he wouldn’t have objected if someone had asked him to take them off too, but nobody took the chance. I took the last session with him and got a few passable shots out of it.

Max handed round his email address afterwards for everyone to forward him their photos. His card listed him as a café owner, nightclub promoter, removals logistics and adult film producer…

Thursday I was working from home to try to break the back of my strategy paper, but I was still unenthused by the whole process and found it a struggle to make headway. I achieved some of what I wanted but now have to edit it down to just the key strategic points as, right now, it reads more like a complete business plan for the next three years.

Friday was more of the same. Finally met my boss to go over the draft budget and got lots of grief for one of the storage items; that’s going to cause me headaches on Monday. It was also the last day for Jon M, the last guy to be made redundant, so there was a bit of a do after work. I went along as a pro forma but wasn’t really in the mood to party – which was a shame because a lot of old faces were there too.

While I was fairly upbeat at the start of the week, it seems to have worn me down quite a bit. I’m at a pretty bad level of can’t-be-botheredness right now – although I suppose not quite as miserable as I was last week. We’ve got a fairly social weekend planned though, so hopefully that will revive my flagging enthusiasm…

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