Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chorus Christmas Party 2008/09

Today was a good day; late start, then spent a while clearing up the living room. Brett had left early to audition for Big Brother and I had my sister coming over for a portrait shoot. All went according to plan and had a good session with Rosie. I found I got more out of the low-key section than the high-key section, probably because high-key feels like it needs more energy and there just isn’t enough room to run and jump around in our lounge, even with the furniture cleared out of the way. The low-key stuff was more thoughtful and artistic, which to be honest is where my interest lies.

The best thing though was that I did good work with my home studio setup. I need to get a few more people in there and I’ll have enough decent stuff to put up on a website and call it a photography business! (Ruth, darling, you’re next…)

This evening was the LGMC’s Christmas Party; the annual extravaganza of drink, in-house talent and semi-serious awards for the best and worst of our number. A good time was had by all I think. I took quite a few photographs, which will be on Facebook shortly, for those who know where to find these things. I drank perhaps a little more than I should – hence why I’m blogging at this time of night instead of sleeping! Need to sober up before I can put my head down.

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