Sunday, February 22, 2009

The week in short:

Monday; winter blues seemed dissipated. Work okay. Chorus okay too.

Tuesday; good day at work, went talk to a man about a play and some photographs in the evening.

Wednesday: Spent the morning doing market research and the afternoon doing my own research. Left work late as a result and then got delayed on the way home.

Thursday: Was so-so.

Friday: Lunched with Ping which was pleasant. Spent the afternoon expecting a phone call that never came but got useful work done in the meantime. Went out to a Chorus social in the evening. Felt old and grumpy and wanted them to turn the music down.

Saturday: Went along to a St John Ambulance induction in the morning (disorganised), met up with Brett to do the Byzantium exhibition at the Royal Academy in the afternoon (overcrowded and not well laid-out) and on to Greenwich for a movie in the evening. (The movie was meant to be Benjamin Button, but traffic chaos meant it took us an hour to get there so we watched ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ instead which was formula Hollywood RomCom.)

Tomorrow will be household chores in the morning and a photoshoot with Jerry H from Chorus in the afternoon.

That’s my week. Winter Blues/Mid-Life crisis still have me in the dumps.

Message Ends.

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