Friday, February 13, 2009


Woke up at the usual time but before everyone else. Showered then breakfasted continental-style. The apartment is cold when the sun isn’t on it but there was plenty of hot water so the shower wasn’t unpleasant and the heater unit had warmed the lounge by the time I sat down to eat.

After breakfast I grabbed my camera and wandered down to the beach. It’s a bit dirty, but not unusable and I was able to make use of the jetsam in some photographs. It’s February so even in Spain the air is chilly, but when the sun comes out it’s very pleasant.

Back at the apartment Brett and Rosie were breakfasting. The sun hadn’t come round to our garden area yet, so we went around to the pool area and read in the sun for an hour or so, by which time we could come back and lunch in the sun behind our apartment. Rosie and I took a drive into Mijas-Costa and had a look around; very pleasant, not too touristy.

Dined-in on chicken stir-fry before sitting down to watch Wanted, which was a movie I’d wanted to see in the cinema but as it turned out to be a little too far-fetched I was glad not to have spent the money on it. After the movie we pondered what to do tomorrow and settled on a trip to the Alhambra Palace. I did a quick bit of research via the reception building’s wifi and we agreed on an early start, so got an early night.

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