Monday, February 09, 2009

The Rain and Spain

Not a bad day today, although my early good intentions were whittled away by trivia that consumed a lot of the day. When I did look at that damned strategy paper, I only managed a few sentences before the pavlovian aversion took over and I found excuses to do other things.

The weather has been heavy rain all day and because it was Chorus this evening I was on the train, resulting in damp trousers and soaked socks for half the morning and then again this evening during rehearsal. Blah. We left after tea break; having had enough.

The highlight of today though was booking the trip to Andalusia for Thursday. We’re doing a very long weekend on as small a budget as we can get away with. I’m just going to cut myself off from the rest of the world and read and (believe it or not!) probably just lie in the sun all day. Rosie wants to see the Alhambra Palace and I would like to go back there again, as I only saw it briefly some years back on a trip with Owen. That’s the reason why I’m taking my Nikon with me. I’m still in two minds about laptop though…

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