Thursday, February 05, 2009

A SAD Week

Monday night didn’t freeze as hard as had been expected so there wasn’t much ice around on the roads and I cycled to work, not really wanting to risk reduced rail services and packed ice on the pavements. Everyone made it in okay. The only non-standard note in an otherwise mundane day was Mikey calling me up mid-afternoon to join him for a coffee. He was showing his friend Shlomi around London and they were along the South Bank. We all had coffee at Eat and it decompressed me enough that I got some useful stuff done in the office afterwards.

The rest of the week though I’ve been totally hopeless. I have no enthusiasm for work at all. I get through the day on automatic pilot and do as little as I can possibly get away with – something which is a really bad idea in the business-planning season when I’m setting my agenda for the next three years potentially. I’m seriously thinking that I might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder; I am just depressed for no really good reason and I am hankering to escape the routine.

Brett suggested it might have been a mistake to skip going to Spain with my sister. He's right, but we are also trying to save money so it was the right decision. That said, I checked on the BA website and we could easily do the trip on our accumulated air-miles, so I think it’s back on the table; I could really do with a long weekend in a warm and sunny place a long way from the hassle of London. Sri Lanka at the end of March is just too far away.

In other news, I lunched with Owen on Wednesday and John Mc on Thursday – both enjoyable interludes in themselves, but not enough to lift the funk. John and I were talking about cycling; we’re going to skip the Easter Cycling Holiday idea as it’s too close to Sri Lanka and probably do something one of the May Bank Holidays. He also suggested cycling to Paris in July, to be there for the end of the Tour De France. Sounded like not a bad idea as Richard has a flat there we could stay in, so would be a relatively cheap break.

On a whim to try and lift my mood we went out for dinner and a movie in Greenwich after work on Wednesday. We saw Milk which is really rather an uplifting movie despite its sad ending. It felt both very real and yet (quite bizarrely!) that it was a tale of a happier, more innocent, more friendly age.

Off to bed now. The forecast is apparently for snow in London tomorrow. It either needs to come heavily overnight so we can all have a day of “Working From Home” again tomorrow, or else be a light dusting that doesn’t settle or interfere with anything at all. Let’s see what happens…

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