Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Day

Well, after a heavy night and only four hours sleep, I was remarkably compos mentis on Sunday morning which was a pleasant surprise. Kosmic Karma was not to be outdone though as sobriety brought the realisation that I’d fired off random stream-of-consciousness emails to a couple of people whilst sobering up in the small hours; the email equivalent of drunk-dialling. It was nothing earth-shatteringly bad but enough that I had to apologise to people on Sunday…

We had been scheduled to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Ruth & Chris over dim sum in Docklands, but Ruth wasn’t well and called it off first thing. We breakfasted in Greenwich instead but too late to catch any of the lunchtime movie showings afterwards. We headed home with good intentions of chores and then an evening showing, but in the end they all came to nothing and we couch-potatoed the day away – although I did do some work on Rosie’s photographs from Saturday.

Today has been all about snow; we had a few flurries of small flakes in Greenwich but on Sunday evening it started coming down properly. Overnight it laid down six-to-eight inches over parts of south-east England. We only really had a few inches around Catford, but the general disruption was tremendous. The buses were all off, the suburban trains were all cancelled. I understand the airports were closed too. I am well equipped to work from home and did that for the morning, but it was clear that there wasn’t much happening anywhere in the UK today, so by lunchtime I’d drifted back to the computer.

Having somehow gotten Brett’s Mac into a disk-thrashing loop last night, this morning it seemed to sort itself out on reboot so I spent a while arranging to move my user profile off the system disk onto a dedicated data RAID he bought recently. It didn’t take long to figure out and I think it may help get the machine back on its feet as it’s been running awfully slowly of late.

Finished the afternoon by polishing up a few more photographs which you can see here.

Tomorrow looks like it could be a bad day as it’s freezing overnight. Could be another day holed-up in the house…

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