Monday, July 07, 2008

Unpalatable Issues

An unsatisfying day at work. Didn’t really have that much to do, but having time on my hands underlined my natural tendency to shy away from issues which I know need addressing but which I don’t feel confident in handling. A long coffee break with Rob S, while partly very pleasant and sociable, also covered some of those issues and reminded me of my own inadequacies.

Work worries of a different sort too; Damian F came to mind again this afternoon when I had cause to deal with his project (one of our company’s largest). He was abruptly called home to New Zealand two weeks ago when his mother died of a sudden heart attack. Following the advice of the good Zinnia Cyclamen, I avoided the typical British response of saying nothing when you don’t know quite what to say and also exchanged emails with him last week. But email is a soulless medium and it is difficult to judge the worth of your words at such a distance, knowing virtually nothing of the situation at the far end. He is a good guy though and I hope he is coping with his loss, for he surely doesn’t deserve suffering.

On the (personal) up-side, while taking another break and enjoying a coffee outside our local branch of Eat, who should walk by but Him J from the Chorus. He sat with me and we chatted a while, which was pleasant and helped distract me from work worries. I think I knew he was a student, but hadn’t realised he was based so close by.

I am also beginning to really look forward to the Chorus’ trip to Spain which begins this coming weekend. As I am not singing this season I think I get the best of both worlds; I get the social enjoyment of a chorus tour without having to put in the work to rehearse and sing. I am not going as a total hanger-on though; having volunteered to be the ‘official’ chorus photographer I have some duties to perform, but as photography is really a hobby I don’t mind it so much.

I wonder though if I am looking forward to the trip so much because I am genuinely weary and need a break, or because it means I can avoid facing those unpalatable issues a little longer…

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