Friday, July 21, 2006

Arrival in Edinburgh

After the somewhat hectic pace of yesterday, we planned an easier day today; a late breakfast, an unhurried trip through the Fife countryside and then into Edinburgh for a city tour on top of a bus.

All went according to plan, we stopped on the south side of the Forth Estuary to look back at the two bridges and then drove into town to check-in at our hotel; a beautifully restored townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town (pictures here.) The manager (owner?) Ian had something about him which said ‘family’ to me and certainly the interior design looks like it’s had a gay man’s touch; everything is done in russet and gold and there are really sumptuous fabrics on and around the beds. The fittings in the bathroom are all gilded and absolutely gleaming; not a spec of dirt or sign of wear anywhere. We are on the second floor of the building and so have a reasonable view over the roof tops of the city. If the breakfast tomorrow lives up to the expectations set by the furnishings, then I think I’ve found my regular hotel for when I’m up here with work!

After checking in we took the planned bus tour around the city and then had a very late lunch and a stroll around before retiring for an early evening relaxing in our rooms.

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