Friday, July 07, 2006


At last we’ve reached the end of a very long and tedious week. I got more done at work than I’d feared I would, but even so I was forcing myself to be productive when I really didn’t want to be there.

Around lunchtime I got a worried phone call from Brett; his dad had gone off cycling around the Common a couple of hours previously and still wasn’t back. He wanted to know if he’d called me at all, which he hadn’t. I called back an hour later to check what was happening and it turns out Jim had called-in in the end; he’d just gotten lost trying to find his way back to the flat.

That seemed to be all the activity for the day though, as they were at home later on when I called again; I guess the day of doing a few riverside attractions had given way to a quiet day of resting after a long journey: Probably best.

Tonight we had invited my sister over for a games night. Brett had cooked enchiladas (his particular style of doing them is about the only bit of ‘tex-mex’ cuisine I’ve encountered so far that I really like!) In the end, no-one had much enthusiasm for poker and we ended up watching TV and reading before retiring.

Jim had spent the afternoon reading my old Blue Guides of England and Scotland and we chatted a bit about the bloodiness of Scottish history and the motivations behind it. He also wants to borrow my cycling cleats for his ride tomorrow morning; I am somewhat wary of that, as he’s never ridden with cleats before, so I expect I shall be up early making sure he does some practice along the road, attaching and detaching himself from the bike, before I let him head off to the Common on his own...

Thereafter, the plan tomorrow is to go either to casualty while he gets his broken bones set, or to the Museum of London to explore the history of the Capital and then the British Museum for the Greek and Egyptian antiquities – something on which I am thoroughly keen!

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...but if you had to pass between the alternate universe and this one to be sucked through the gateway to hell, all the new cybermen created at Torchwood would be left behind, having never passed through....?