Thursday, July 06, 2006

EuroPride 2006 - The Show

OK, so just catching up on my catching up. Last Sunday we sang at the Royal Albert Hall for EuroPride 2006 – The Show; on stage with pretty much every gay celebrity around. It was a long, hard, hot day prepping for it though. The problem with celebrities is that somehow their sound checks always seem to take longer than scheduled, so ours got pushed and pushed. In the end so did the start of the show to accommodate everyone.

The show itself was actually very impressive; Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Julian Clary & Sandy Toksvig hosted, with walk-ons from Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Wax. The big west-end shows did turns; Mama-Mia, Chicago & Avenue Q. We opened the second half with a couple of our better numbers and then supported Heather Small singing Proud. Elton John closed the show (now only running about an hour over time!) with a twenty-minute set which eventually got the crowds on their feet. We were all pretty surprised though to see him using an autocue for the words of his songs! I can’t decide whether its ridiculous because he must sing his songs so often, or whether its understandable because he must have so many songs in his repertoire now…

I took a few photos on my phone during and after the sound checks. You can find them here. The following day, the Evening Standard reviewed the show (here) and mentioned every act – even the ones they didn’t like – except ours. Bastards!

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