Monday, July 03, 2006

Europride 2006 - The Summary

Just time for a very quick recap while Brett is on the phone to his mum. Friday night Brett was home so we were snuggling and then on the Internet looking for hotels in Wales and Scotland. Saturday was mostly spent at the Europride march through London; probably one of my favourite Prides to date – and watch out for a video montage which I put together last night which I will publish as soon as I find space. Sunday was mostly spent in the Royal Albert Hall rehearsing for and then performing in a big gala show for Europride. It was my first time in the Albert Hall (OMG, it’s huge!) and my first time on the same bill as Elton John, Heather Small, Boy George, Julian Clary, Billie Jean King, Sandy Toksvig, Ian McKellen and several West-End Shows! Whoooa! The show overran terribly and we didn’t get out until nearly midnight. I also distinguished myself by opening our set with one of the most visible choreography cock-ups I could have made. Even so it was a memorable night and you can hear more about it when I have time to write. But right now, it’s late, I’m tired and I have work (and yet another Chorus rehearsal) tomorrow. Good night.

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