Sunday, July 30, 2006

The One Without A Title

Okay, so I’m a bad blogger; it feels like forever since I’ve written anything.

Thursday night was the Chorus’ 15th Birthday Party at Heaven. It was a fun night – I got to see a few old acquaintances from yesteryear. I did unfortunately have a bit of fashion disaster; the nice white vest which looked quite sexy in the mirrors at home, when viewed in the mirrors of club suddenly revealed all those restaurant meals I’ve been eating lately. I was definitely mutton dressed as lamb and couldn’t get my shirt back on quick enough. (Unfortunately I didn’t look in a mirror until we were getting ready to leave, so by then I fear the damage to my credibility was already done…)

Friday I clock-watched all day at work and then vegetated on the sofa in the evening.

Saturday wasn’t much better. I got up with great ambitions, but let myself get distracted with domestrivia: Suddenly it was mid-afternoon and we had to hurry to get to the Imax in town to meet up with Ping and watch Superman in 3D.

The movie was actually quite good, although there were several points where I just sat there and consciously had to keep my disbelief suspended. (Rather strange that this should have been a problem for me you would think, given the premise of the movie is a guy who flies, has laser vision and stops bullets without a blink, but actually the internal consistency of the plot left something to be desired.)

We had dinner at a Turkish restaurant off the The Cut afterwards.

Today I essentially spent clothes shopping. As Brett had a Chorus meeting to attend and I needed to get to the shops today, I’d talked Ping into coming along as my second-opinion. He turned out to be filled with some childish excitement about ‘going to a mall’ (we drove to Bluewater.) We had a good day there, even though we didn’t get absolutely everything I was after.

This evening Mark (Brett’s old music teacher) arrived to visit with us for a brief spell; he’s visiting several of his British friends now that his choir tour is finished and he is overnighting with us. Tomorrow evening we are off with him to see Sunday In The Park With George again.

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John said...

I wouldn't be too worried about the vest -- you looked fine from the back! ;-)