Sunday, July 16, 2006

From Cardiff to home

The morning after the night before started a little late; Jim called our room around eight-thirty to see what we were doing and we slowly emerged, gruff-voiced and sleepy for breakfast around nine. By ten-thirty we had left the hotel and drive down to Cardiff Bay, which we had had recommended to us. [Pictures here.] It was pleasant enough, with some nice views, but clearly what you would term a ‘tourist development.’

From there we started our journey eastwards and called in at Caerleon, to see some Roman remains. In the end the nominal attraction (the Legionary Barracks) was nothing more than grids of stones in a field, whereas the second-billed Roman Amphitheatre was more interesting and set in more picturesque surroundings. [Pictures here.] Unfortunately the associated museum was closed, so we could only wander around the sites, reading the information boards.

As we finished in Wales early, we decided to see if we could fit in a visit to Windsor Castle on the way back into London. In the end we made it to the castle with twenty-minutes to go before last entry, only to find that the State Rooms were closed today so we decided that Brett and Jim could train it down here one day after we get back from Scotland.

So in the end all we got from Windsor was a coffee and a photo.

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