Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And I Love Him

I think it’s becoming a theme of my blog, maybe a signature line, but once again I have to say: it’s been a busy few days…

Work is feeling productive again – plus I have a new toy to play with, as my Network Security kit arrived yesterday. I’ve been busy configuring the virtual machines and additional tools in my spare time. I’ve also managed to successfully sort out our application for the new .eu Internet domains (although if I’d realised what a detailed set of rules I had to follow, I’d probably have passed it all to Marketing to deal with!) There’s the new mail server installed in Edinburgh which is going live tonight too; lots of positive stuff.

Tomorrow I’m in Leeds for the day (OMG, what an early start that involves!) to do several deeply geeky things as I was the one on the team with the earliest opening in his diary. Still it will give me a few uninterrupted hours on the train each way to spend as I will (the likely options are reading my current novel, doing more configuration on my Network Security kit or memorising Chorus music with my rehearsal MP3s.

Brett and I actually skipped out of the Chorus rehearsal at half-time last night. While the music is all very nice, I still really haven’t got any enthusiasm for it. I’m wondering whether I’m suffering LGMC Fatigue (a recently recognised malaise of people who have been in the Chorus for a few years who get drained and lose all enthusiasm as a result of the continual pressure to learn music and choreography to a deadline.) I may yet drop out of this concert and take a back seat for a season.

Today of course was Valentine’s Day and I was at my most Scrooge-like. Not quite crying out ‘Bah, Humbug!’ but I was certainly thinking it as I saw people in the streets with red balloons and bunches of roses (all specially overpriced for the special day) and the restaurants all cramming their tables-for-two tightly together to get the most out of their special (extra-pricey!) menu of slushily titled dishes. The whole thing is a barefaced exercise in crass commercialism and guilt and I will say no more about it.

Except perhaps to thank Ping for buying me the Long Way Round DVD as a Valentines Day present, which was very sweet of him.

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