Sunday, February 26, 2006

What is Smart?

In the end we had a great time last night. The enjoyment was presaged by a wardrobe crisis, though, as the invitation described the dress code as ‘smart’ and I wasn’t sure what counted as ‘smart’ to a modern gay man. Traditional etiquette has it that this means a lounge suit, but I think that in practice there are very few birthday parties where you would be expected to wear a suit these days – plus the fact that the only suit I have (that I would be seen in!) meant me wearing shoes which were at work, so unavailable. In the end I tried to go for the ‘trendy-casual’ smart look by putting a suit jacket on over jeans and a plain sweatshirt. I think the jacket was a tiny bit too formal for the look I was after, but it was close enough and all I had, so I went with it.

Brett was in a similar quandary but when I vetoed his stonewash jeans and shirt as ‘not quite smart enough’, he plumped for one of his work suits with an open-necked shirt. I think he looks hot in a suit though, so I wasn’t complaining…

David W had hired a small club venue off Picadilly for his fortieth birthday party. As we entered we were met by two tanned young guys in loincloths who were handing out the champagne (what a lovely meet-and-greet!) and we joined a group of other chorus members lounging on sofas by the bar while those who had been invited to the earlier meal finished their dinner. Once the tables had been cleared, the disco started up and there were plenty of gay anthems on offer. David even made an appearance done up as Elton John at his most outrageous and escorted onto stage by the two loinclothed waiters á la Graham Norton. He did a rather good performance of a few of Elton’s songs for us to much acclaim.

By the end of it all we were very merry and even having to endure a replacement bus service between Waterloo and Wimbledon on the way home didn’t spoil the evening for us.

Today has been one long social event. We were up around 9:30 as Ping was expected for brunch and we duly headed up to Café Rouge. We had rather poor service today from a new waiter and, as he wasn’t even French, he couldn’t even be said to add to the ambiance of the experience. Afterwards Ping and I had a walk around the gardens at Cannizaro House while Brett got on with organising his life. When we got back to the flat Brett said my sister had called and her and Andy were likely to be dropping by. I’d promised to show Ping the photographs I’d brought back from my parents a few weeks back, which he seemed to enjoy – even suggesting I show him some of the rest of my collection of memories from yesteryear!

Rosie and Andy arrived shortly thereafter though and in the end we all spent the afternoon playing Trivial Pursuit. On the whole, a lovely Sunday afternoon.

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