Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nearly Human

It’s been a pretty weird few days.

I went into work on Thursday morning even though I was feeling a bit rough. By early afternoon I was sitting in a haze of fatigue and head pain so I came home and slept for a couple of hours on the sofa. (An added bonus was a speeding ticket lying on the mat when I got home. Damn!)

Friday morning I was feeling somewhat improved, which was good as I needed to accompany Brett to his driving test. The minimal driving that I ended up doing really took it out of me though and by the time he set off for the test, I was snuffling and full of cold again. When he got back from the test (he failed, but was sanguine about it) I just got him to drive us straight home and I fell asleep on the sofa again. Yesterday evening is a bit of a blur; I remember watching various TV shows but being definitely ready for bed at 10pm.

Today the cold seems to have cleared, in that I haven’t been sneezing and only occasionally coughing, but I had the sinus headache, dry mouth, queasy stomach, body-temperature control thing again. After suffering a little while first thing, I eventually found the migraine pills the doctor gave me last time and took one. I think it worked, although it took some time – probably because I hadn’t eaten anything all day – but the headache eased an hour or so later and while my appetite didn’t exactly return, at least the nausea passed and my head cleared somewhat so I’ve been a little more myself this afternoon.

I had to miss singing with the Chorus at their gig at the Museum of London today, which is annoying, but having eaten a little bit now and drunk quite a lot of tea, I’m feeling human enough to attempt to join Rich C for his birthday dinner down Brick Lane. I’m planning on taking it easy though, so small portions and no alcohol for me please…

Wish me luck!

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