Sunday, February 19, 2006

Computer Overload

The weekend has rather gotten away from me…

Friday night Brett and I had dinner down in Wimbledon, which was a pleasant change from routine and gave us a chance to catch up after a week where we’ve barely seen each other beyond a kiss goodnight and the morning ablutions.

Saturday was a bit domestic, with laundry and dishes all getting washed, as well as me spending a lot of time being geeky; Brett has an HP computer which, while a little underpowered, is still a decent machine. I’ve been upgrading it this weekend so that it can run virtual machines for my penetration testing environment. That has required a couple of trips up to PC World for supplies, but we now have a very usable second desktop computer in the house. (OMG, I’ve just done a quick total and realised that there are currently seven computers in the house, of which only two are doorstops – all the other five are gainfully employed!)

Most of today has been spent scanning the photos I picked up from my parents last weekend. It’s a pretty tedious job, but satisfying now that I know I have backup copies of them. (Isn’t it funny how, ten years ago, before digital photography, it didn’t worry me that the negatives and only prints I had of photographs spanning decades was in a single cardboard folder, subject to random damage or destruction. Is it just because I am now wiser about the value of backups that I keep a separate copy of all my pictures away from the flat, or is it just because I can.)

Anyway, at some point in the future, I intend to put most of the photographs online along with a narrative. Until then, however, you can get a quick preview of the first batch here on my photoblog.

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