Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Title in Probate

Not a lot to blog about in my life at the moment. Was a bit under the weather yesterday with a nasty headache and grouched my way through the first half of Chorus. The second half perked me up though; some of it was taken up by the presentation of the Chorus’ new corporate ‘identity’ (which I actually rather like and is certainly more ‘us’ than the last one that was proposed.) I also briefly introduced myself to Slightly Lost who is one of the design partners who have been working on it.

After that we started learning a very upbeat number ‘All Girl Band’ (Oh, how we revel in our campness!) which cheered me up no end. I was still feeling worn-out when it was all over, but I managed to be civil all the way home.

Today was more of the same at work; still feeling productive. Tonight has been household chores – one has to make sure the place in a decent state for the cleaners, after all.

Finally, with such paltry pickings of my own, let me point you to this article [fairly ‘work-friendly’ but contains a number of prominent swear words!] which I picked up from The Register’s comment for your delight, delectation and, quite frankly, jaw-dropped incredulity.

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