Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sidebar Update

I spent a little time revamping my sidebar this evening. In recent months, I’ve found myself reading fewer blogs as there have been more demands on my time and I wanted to adjust my own page to better reflect what I am actually reading these days.

Hence, I’ve moved the best-written of my previous favourites down to a section of ‘recommended reading’, as I still browse them from time to time just to see what’s happening. I’ve also removed the Left-Field Perspectives blog as, although I enjoy a good debate, I rarely have the time or the energy to prepare an informed comment on any of his posts these days – plus I recognise that until I can conclusively disprove the existence of God, I’m unlikely to make much progress in changing his worldview anyway. I still enjoy the writings of Charlie Foxtrot though and surf over in that direction from time to time, but alas his blog is a lot like mine and doesn’t really rate an entry on the recommended reading list.

So anyway, the new, leaner, meaner ‘Blogs I Read’ list now consists of just four entries. The first is Gay-Dad is written by my kind-of brother-in-law; he’s the partner of Brett’s brother and is a full-time house-husband, raising the child that he and Kevin (his partner, Brett’s brother) adopted in 2004.

The second is The Aimless Ramblings of Zefrog, written by Nicholas Ze Frog himself, another member of the Chorus who also runs our marketing activities.

The third entry is Slightly Lost in the World, a blog written by a partner in the Marsh and Malone design company who I first met last year when he attended a committee meeting I was at. When I learned sometime later that he had a blog, I started reading it and have never stopped…

Finally on the list we have the Virtual Bookshelf blog written by Jessica, a long-time friend, who runs an online bookshop.

Interestingly, but perhaps inevitable, given the pressures on my time, I notice my attention swinging away from entertaining blogs written by strangers, to more mundane daily journals written by the people in my life. Even more than email, reading about someone’s life in their blog is a great way to keep up with their life.

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Slightly said...

Thanks for link..

You've been reading my blog for a while??? Oh Dear! There goes the professional image.....

Sorry, I soooo can't remember the meeting, but nice to meet you other week.

Slightly xx