Monday, February 06, 2006

Jack Kilby, 1959

After a couple of weeks of not achieving stuff at work and, in fact, hardly even being in the office, it was nice to have a really productive day today; feels like I’ve regained the initiative. One meeting left me slightly daunted though; there’s a very good chance that there is going to be an AWFUL lot of work to be done on our telecoms systems in the next three months.

On a side note, I finally – after about three weeks of trying to find time – got my hair cut today. Yeay!

Chorus this evening was pleasant enough, although I’m still not hooked on the repertoire…

Had a rather sad phonecall from Owen just before we went in, though; he has just been dumped by a guy he has been seeing for a while and is quite cut-up about it. One of those things that come out of the blue just when you feel everything is going so well. Looks like lunch on Wednesday is could be a bit heavier than usual…

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