Sunday, June 04, 2006

And now, a summary of the news

Blah. Can’t be arsed to write much today, so here are the bullet-points:

Dinner with John W, Rich C and my sister last night at Lydon’s in the Village; excellent food. Conversationally the main points I remember are; (1) Chorus politics are never-ending and (2) wedding rings are hideously expensive.

Today we drove over to Kingston to shop for Brett’s birthday present but, after an hour or so of wandering the shops, decided to buy it online instead. We had gone with the intention of buying some noise-cancelling headphones and somehow that morphed into getting the video camera we had spoken about a while back.

John Mc hosted an impromptu barbeque this evening and invited us over which was very pleasant and saved us from eating reheated chilli at home!

I have a long week ahead of me.

Message ends.

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