Monday, June 12, 2006


Not much more to report of the weekend. I was feeling a little more human on Sunday morning. I spent some more time checking out the parents’ computer. Chris & Michelle came over for brunch and we had a pleasant few hours in the garden. The children seemed fascinated with all the wildlife. I also spent a fair amount of time mucking about with the video camera (well, Brett had said he wouldn’t be using it this weekend, so why not?!). I shot a pile of footage over the two days and on the train home managed to knock together my first mini movie on my laptop. Actually, it was more like a very brief documentary of my weekend. It’s not something I’d show anybody as it was thrown together so I could get experience with the editing package, but not bad as a first try. Home-editing is certainly do-able to produce a professional standard product.

I spent a while talking to Richard G, one of the Chorus guys, about elections last night. It looks like that could be taking up a fair amount of my spare time this week as well.

Today is hopefully a standard Monday – although the temperature is predicted to be hovering around 30°C (86°F) all afternoon and into the evening so anything is possible; heat stroke for me, a meltdown for the Tube… so much to look forward to!

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Mother said...

Hi Liam, you were lucky you didn't end up smelling like a smoked mackerel! You take after me in not being able to cope with all that sun and, even worse the suntan lotion. Loved seeing you and CHris and Michelle. Impressed with the children - rare to see happy and well behaved children that don't blast your ears off. They were lovely. Love Mum