Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Village Fête and Tea in the Park

We spent this morning chilling out at home really; Brett catching up on some of the shows on Tivo, me still mucking about with the phone, trying to make it work logically.

The weather was so nice though that this afternoon we took a stroll up to the Common. It turns out that there is a fairly substantial Village Fair happening this weekend and the whole of the south side of the Common was covered with stalls, equestrian arenas and a fun-fair. We had a wander around but I kept feeling the urge to buy things that I didn’t really need so we headed into the relative peace and quiet of Cannizaro Park.

Cannizaro is always a pleasant stroll, even if some bits of the formal gardens are in need of attention. There is currently an exhibition of Zimbabwean sculpture in the Italian Garden which was quite good.

After strolling through the grounds for a while, we retired to the very grand lobby of the house and indulged in a delicious, totally home-made Afternoon Tea. (Alas, though, I had to fail Brett on his test for becoming a citizenship of the British Empire as he made several serious faux pas in the navigation of said Afternoon Tea. Shame, sir!)

After that, we picked up the video camera and headed down to the Lawn Tennis Club. As Brett’s dad will be coming to visit in a fortnight, we thought we’d do a little video guidebook of Wimbledon and Richmond for his mum, who is staying behind. Approaching Wimbledon Fortnight, we felt we had to get some footage of the venue before it gets swamped with tennis fans. From there we went on to Richmond Park where we happily spent the rest of the afternoon looking hugely touristy capturing the ambiance and chasing deer with a camcorder.

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